Top Tree Choices To Beautify Your Urban Vase Planters



When it comes to enhancing your public space with greenery, the Urban Vase 41” Self-Watering Planter is an excellent choice. Designed for dwarf trees, this planter allows for easy maintenance while adding a touch of nature to your public space. It's recommended to choose trees that will not exceed 8 feet in height. Here are some top tree species to consider for your Vase 41”.

1. Sprinter Boxwood


Add a splash of emerald green to your streets year-round with Sprinter Boxwoods! This evergreen tree complements containers and planters of any colour, especially the Blackstone colour option of the Urban Vase.


Deriving from the hardy Winter Gem Boxwood, the improved Sprinter Boxwood species will retain their beautiful glossy green leaves all year round with little maintenance. This species of trees are also great for the harsh Canadian Winters as they are salt-resistant! 


Sprinter Boxwoods are also considered one of the fastest growing among other boxwood trees. Sprinter Boxwood trees grow up to 2-4’ tall and wide in just a few years and quickly recover from tree pruning, making it easy to beautify public areas swiftly. To beautify your urban landscapes, consider flanking entrance ways with Sprinter Boxwoods paired with Urban Vases for stunning scenery!


If you’re looking for low maintenance, all year round greenery for your 41” Urban Vase planter, the Sprinter Boxwood is an ideal tree!

2. Wedding Ring Boxwood


Looking for a similar tough and low maintenance tree like the Sprinter Boxwood, but want more colour? The Wedding Ring Boxwood provides glossy green foliage that turns yellow/lime green on its edges in the summer months. Use this tree as an accent plant in any landscape!


Much like the Sprinter Boxwood, Wedding Ring Boxwoods retain their colour well throughout summer and winter. These dwarf trees are just as tough and winter hardy as their Sprinter counterpart and are easy to maintain. Pruning? Not a problem. The Wedding Ring Boxwood doesn’t need to be trimmed unless there are dead or sick branches.


Notably suited for growing in planters/containers, this compact option stays around 3’ tall and wide, meaning Wedding Ring Boxwoods aren’t only great for lining the streets of your public space, but they are also perfect for greenifying smaller spaces like courtyards and patios!

3. Piccolo Dwarf Balsam Fir


Spanning about 3’ tall and 4’ wide at full maturity, the Piccolo Dwarf Balsam Fir is another tree well suited for container planting. Though growing at a slower rate compared to Boxwoods, these firs have a life expectancy of 50 years when living in ideal conditions!


This fir has a gorgeous dark green appearance with short branches and vertical needles. In the fall and winter months, the tips of the branches grow brown buds that further enhance this tree’s appearance. Its green needles retain their dark green colour even in the winter months. When paired with the Millstone or Blackstone Urban Vase planter, the Piccolo Dwarf Balsam will surely stand out in an urban landscape. 


The Piccolo Dwarf grows in a rounded, globe-like form, and fills out completely down to its base. No additional facer plants are required to cover the sight of bare branches when using this tree in a planter! This fir also does not need to be pruned frequently, unless necessary (to prevent dieback).

4. Sunshine Ligustrum


Known for its vibrant yellow leaves, the Sunshine Ligustrum adds a pop of color to any setting or container. This evergreen shrub grows to 3-6’ tall at full maturity and stays well within planter height limits. 


The Sunshine Ligustrum is a perfect choice for streetscapes as it is virtually maintenance free! Pest and disease resistant, there’s no need to worry about shrub’s health in the summer months. It is also drought, heat, and pollution tolerant, making it a perfect plant to beautify urban areas. This evergreen shrub is also able to handle the Canadian winter months as it can survive in temperatures between -17°C  to -23°C. The Sunshine Ligustrum also does not bloom, meaning that it is allergen free - a great plant for anyone to enjoy on your streetscapes.   


Thanks to its hardiness, pedestrians will be able to enjoy the Sunshine Ligustrum’s colourful foliage all year round. Though this shrub is known for its signature lemon yellow leaves, the “Sunshine” begins its growth as a light green shrub which develops into a deep yellow as it matures. Colder weather also adds a unique tinge of orange to its yellow leaves.


Use the Sunshine Ligustrum in planters along a walkway, on a patio, or deck to beautify the various areas of your public space and create a warm welcome. To create visually striking arrangements in your Urban Vase 41’, pair the “Sunshine” with other greens, purples, and blues!

5. Japanese Skimmia


With fragrant white and pink flowers, and red berries, the Japanese Skimmia is a beautiful option to dress up your Urban Vase planters. This shrub grows up to 3-4’ tall, and 4-5’ wide.


Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, either a male or female plant must be selected. If large flowers are important, select the male cultivar (male flowers grow up to 8cm long). If berries are desired, you will need to plant one male shrub for every six female shrubs. The female shrubs grow smaller flowers and tiny red fruits that coat its branches. The Japanese Skimmia also grows glossy, dark green leaves which provide a nice contrast with its blossoms and fruits. Though its flowers only survive in the warmer months, the Japanese Skimmia’s leaves maintain its rich green colour all year long, and its red berries persist throughout the fall and winter. 


This shrub can be grown in a wide variety of locations, however the Japanese Skimmia can be best enjoyed when placed in planters near entrances, walkways, patios, and city gardens. The sweet smelling flowers make it a treat for passersby, while the berries strongly attract songbirds, creating a lively environment on your street.


Pruning is rarely required for the Japanese Skimmia, however feel free to snip a few berry-covered branches in the winter time and place them indoors for holiday decorations!

6. Emerald Green Arborvitae


Emerald Green Trees are one of the few evergreens that thrive in planters! These trees grow up to 6-8’ tall and 18’ wide when fully developed.


The Emerald Green, as its name implies, sports a deep green all year long. This tree grows into a narrow, pyramidal shape, similar to a Christmas tree, and its flowing and twisting foliage is unique to its species. The Emerald’s leaves are also glossy and rich in texture, making it a stunning tree of choice for your Urban Vase planter.


In addition to its evergreen beauty, the Emerald Green is a highly adaptable tree. This tree is low maintenance which is an ideal factor when deciding on a plant for your streetscape containers. The Emerald is disease resistant, easy to grow, and can survive in a variety of soil and weather conditions - even during Canadian winters. It will remain emerald green throughout the year and requires light pruning annually to avoid browning of the leaves. Drought periods are also no problem for this evergreen.


Though commonly used as privacy screens or hedges in residential yards, this tree is still a great option to complement your Urban Vase planters. Accentuate your streets by lining your sidewalks and paths with this attractive evergreen and planter combo. Or, flank store entrances and large windows with this tree. Its lush green foliage and slim form are perfect for creating focal points that grab the attention of pedestrians.

7. Juniperus Squamata 'Blue Star'


Moving onto conifers, the Juniperus Squamata is a dwarf evergreen known for its distinctive silver-blue foliage. 


The ‘Blue Star’ is an excellent choice for planters on public streetscapes due to its robust and versatile nature. This evergreen shrub thrives in various environmental conditions, displaying high tolerance to urban pollution, drought, and temperature fluctuations. Its dense, spreading foliage provides year-round greenery, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of urban areas. 


Additionally, its low maintenance requirements and resistance to pests make it a practical option for city planners. The Juniperus Squamata's compact size and slow growth rate ensure it fits well in confined spaces, making it ideal for adding texture and visual interest to streetscapes without requiring frequent pruning or care.

Remember to Care for Your Container Trees!

While all the trees mentioned above are well-suited for the Urban Vase 41", it's important to provide a bit of extra care to keep them healthy year-round. Regular watering, draining, fertilizing, and occasional pruning will ensure your trees thrive and continue to enhance your space.


With the right tree species and a little bit of care, your Urban Vase 41” Self-Watering Planter will become a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to your BIA, Municipality, and other public spaces. Enjoy the greenery!


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Self Watering Planters: The Essential Planter for Your Streetscape




Now that Spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time to beautify and breathe some new life into your streets with planters!


Municipalities, property managers, and businesses alike love the colourful appearance of flowers throughout their city streets and properties, but many do not understand the total costs of such a program.  The extended water, labour, and carbon/equipment costs can add up exponentially, resulting in a horticulture program that often underperforms as the season progresses.


That’s where self watering planters come in! Self watering planters are proven to reduce labor, fuel, water usage and ongoing plant maintenance by 50-80%. All self watering units offered by Classic Displays are ready to use, with no requirement for any additional assembly. There are no separate parts, wicks or wicking materials to install. Depending on the size of your program, you could see thousands of dollars in savings every month and for many years to come!


Thanks to the superior wicking systems of self watering planters, there is no need for continuous top watering like other planters. Self watering planters self-regulate feeding based on soil conditions, taking the guesswork out of overwatering and underwatering your plants. The large built-in water reservoir greatly reduces the number of watering cycles required to keep your plantlife flourishing. Instead of watering every other day, you’ll find that watering just once a week will do!


Self watering planters also feature an internal overflow assembly, providing superior protection from overwatering while eliminating insect intrusion and potential clogging. The internal overflow assembly also eliminates unsightly holes, providing you with stylish and functional planters along your streetscape or throughout your grounds.


Wondering what to do with your planters during the colder months? Simply drain the water and leave them outside all year round! The self watering planters offered by Classic Displays are built to last, eliminating the need to remove or store them elsewhere.


Here's An Inside Look:




Ready to save thousands of dollars every year on maintaining your streetscape/property beautification projects? Browse our website or click the image below to view the large collection of self watering planters that we offer!


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