Accessible Triple Urban Flare Can

The Accessible Triple Urban Flare Waste Container provides three streams of waste and recycling for high traffic outdoor settings. The unit includes 2 latched door openings to access the 2 x 120L (2 x 32 gal) and 1 x 80L (1 x 16 gal) interior liners. Manufactured from robust laser-cut zinc-plated steel, the Accessible Triple Urban Flare Waste Container is designed for ergonomic usage with the side access doors reducing strain on operators when servicing. Additional customization options include rain shields, lid stickers, and nameplates. Pre-drilled feet for surface mount application and a powder coated black finish comes standard with the unit. Additional colours are available upon request. The Accessible Triple Urban Flare Waste Container ships fully assembled. Replacement components/liners are readily available. An Accessible 2-Stream version is also available.


  • -Zinc-Plated Laser-Cut Steel
  • -Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • -Stainless Steel Hardware


  • -2 Side Access Doors with Keyless Locking Mechanism
  • -Pre-Drilled Feet (3 anchor points)
  • -3 Poly Liners (2 x 120L, 1 x 80L)
  • -Optional Rain Shield
  • -Optional Custom Nameplates and Lid Stickers


  • -Length (Bottom): 50.8” (1289mm)
  • -Length (Top): 48.4” (1229mm)
  • -Width (Bottom) : 21.9” (555mm)
  • -Width (Top): 29.2” (742mm)
  • -Aperture Diameter: 8.5” (216mm)
  • -Mounting Holes: 9/16” (14mm)
  • -Weight: 316 lbs (143 kg)
  • -Capacity: 320L (80 gal)

To Specify

  • -Optional Rain Shields
  • -Optional Side Nameplates
  • -Optional Lid Stickers

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