Bike Rack Rail System

Classic Displays’ Bike Rack Rail System connects 2, 3, 4, or 5 bike racks together creating an instant Bike Corral for up to 10 bike parking spaces. Multiple rail systems can be installed side by side, providing a continuous and virtually unlimited line of bike parking spaces. 

The Rail System reduces the installation requirement when 4 or more bike parking spaces are required, allowing for multiple bike racks to be secured to rails instead of directly to the ground. This provides convenience during the installation process, while minimizing the number of holes needing to be drilled into the installation surface. The Rail System also allows for bike racks to be installed “free-standing” in locations where bolt-down application is not possible.

Fabricated from heavy duty galvanized steel “C” channels, the Rail System can be used with all surface mount variations of the Arch, Axis, R Rack, U20, U24, and U30 Bike Racks. Bike Racks can be mounted to the Rail System at either a 90° or 60° degree angle. The 60° degree mounting angle reduces the width/depth requirement of the bike parking area from 6’ (1.83m) to 5’ (1.52m) providing even more layout options.

The Bike Rack Rail System by Classic Displays provides limitless flexibility in both interior and exterior bike parking areas. Delineate your bike parking area by adding Biking Bollards, Planters, or use the Classic Bike Corral (without stalls) to enclose the area, providing added safety and enhanced visibility to your bike parking area.


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  • -Natural Galvanized Steel
  • -Stainless Steel Hardware


  • Length: Variable, see attached table
  • Width: 3” (76mm)
  • Height: 1.5” (38mm)
  • Channel Thickness: .258” (7mm)
Bike Rack Rail System Dimensions


  • -Multiple lengths available to connect 2-5 bike racks
  • -30” or 36” spacing (Centre to Centre)
  • -90° angle installation (6’ width of bike parking area)
  • -60° angle installation (5’ width of bike parking area)
  • -Rail system works with Arch, Axis, R Rack, U20, U24, and U30 Bike Racks

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