At Classic Displays we strive to provide high quality customer service to our clients, we want to make working with us an experience and not just a onetime transaction. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of services within our three divisions, including installation and service calls within the Southern Ontario Regions.


At Classic Displays we can install anything, literally from the ground up. We have been installing Christmas displays since we began in 1977, the majority of which take place overnight to avoid impeding traffic. When we added our Flags & Banners and Site Furniture divisions, it was only natural to offer installation services for those products as well! All we need is a site map outlining where you would like your product and we will do the rest!

Power Washing

Your holiday displays experience all the elements the winter has to offer, which can leave your displays looking dingy. To ensure none of that dirt and salt become a permanent mark on your displays, we can power wash them before they go into storage.

Our site furniture is built to withstand the various elements Mother Nature throws at it throughout the year, however much like our holiday displays that doesn’t mean it won’t get a little dusty and salt stained from time to time. To keep your furniture looking it’s best we offer on site power washing throughout the Southern Ontario Region.


At Classic Displays we want to ensure your holiday displays always look their best and your site furniture remains in working order, which is why we offer year round maintenance within the Southern Ontario Region. If a part of your light display goes out, or a piece of garland or glitter comes loose, don’t wait until it comes down to have it fixed, just give us a call and we will send someone to you. Do you have a bench that the board needs replacing? Or a waste receptacle with a broken door hinge? Not a problem! We can perform small on site repairs.

Banners take a lot of abuse from the wind which can cause them to start to tear, lose grommets or even come loose. Fortunately we can help rectify all of these problems. If you’ve had a banner come loose we can fix it and reinstall any missing hardware. For small tears or missing grommets we can remove your banners, have them repaired and back up on the poles in no time.


Holiday displays do a great job of bringing the season to life but storing them in the off season can be a hassle. To help alleviate that problem, we have a 28,000 square foot storage facility to house your displays! The décor is carefully placed on interior racking with more than 2/3 of the items being stored off the ground and is fully insured while in our care.

If your property or municipality has banners for multiple seasons, not only can we do the installation and removal work but we can also store your other set of banners in the off season. Simply tell us when you want your seasonal banners switched and we will do the rest.