Christmas Tree Light Calculator


Number of Stringers Suggested:
Tree Lighting Preview

Note: Example image shows Wrap Style and Vertical Spacing for 16' (5m) tree height with 10' (3m) base/canopy width. Calculator is intended to be used as a guide only. Arrangement of lighting may differ based on size and shape of tree.


Number of light stringers suggested is based on typical outdoor C6 70-count light stringers with 4" spacing (23.67' or 7.21m total length). More or less light stringers may be required depending on type of light stringers used.

With a wide selection of holiday lighting products, Classic Displays can illuminate light poles, hydro poles, fences, canopies, building rooflines and structures, bushes, shrubs, and trees of all shapes and sizes. 


Offering a lighting selection that includes LED Rope Lighting, Edison Lights, Magnetic Stringers, Faceted Stringers, Stringers with Removable Bulbs, Curtain/Drape Lights, and RGB light stringers to name a few, our product specialists can recommend the most suitable lighting product for your application, budget, and desired final result.


With 3 bucket trucks available, and an expanded crew during the busy holiday lighting season, our expert lighting technicians can tackle virtually any lighting job big or small. As we book up early and fast, we highly recommend ensuring your holiday lighting requests are scheduled well in advance of our busy fall season.


As we receive many requests for illuminating existing live trees, we have created a Tree Lighting Calculator to assist in determining the number of light stringers for trees of virtually any given size or shape. To help visualize the various tree lighting styles and configurations, an image example is also provided.


Different lighting products sometimes require a different quantity of lighting to ensure a successful result, however for ease of use, we’ve based the Tree Lighting Calculator on our popular C6 Stringers. The number of stringers recommended may be similar or a slightly different for other lighting types, and our product specialists are standing by to assist with your specific lighting requests.


For Evergreen or Coniferous trees, such as Pine or Spruce trees, we use a Spiral Wrap approach, whereas for Deciduous or Broadleaf trees such as Maple, Oak, or Cedar, three different wrap styles are available including the Spiral Wrap, Silhouette Wrap, or a Combination Wrap which features aspects from the other two styles.


To achieve the desired intensity of lighting, Vertical Spacing is an important factor to consider for both Spiral and Combination wraps. The tighter the spacing, the greater the luminous intensity, resulting in an increased number of light stringers required.


Depending on the site, sometimes only ¾ of a tree requires illumination, which is common when a tree may only be visible from one direction, or located adjacent to a building or wall. It may be advantageous to only illuminate the visible portions of the tree, while maximizing the usage of the lighting available.


As each and every Holiday Lighting display is as unique as each individual tree, we recommend using the Tree Lighting Calculator as a general guide. Feel free to consult one of our product specialists to determine the best combination of lighting product, lighting style, and lighting quantity to ensure you receive exactly the outcome you desire!