Our Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability is a long-term commitment that requires a long-term approach. At Classic Displays, we are constantly seeking and evaluating new materials, processes, and infrastructure to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of sustainability. Our products and components are designed and manufactured for longevity, mirroring our deep-rooted commitment of over 40 years in contributing to a sustainable environment.



Recycled Plastic Lumber

Classic Displays conscientiously promotes the use of our 100% recycled plastic lumber as the primary material for our benches, picnic tables, planters, including many waste & recycling units. Our recycled plastic lumber is engineered to greatly exceed the lifespan of composite materials and traditional wood products while remaining fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan.



Recycled Steel & Aluminum

Classic Displays only uses premium steel and aluminum components. Steel is fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle, and a substantial portion of our steel elements contain previously recycled materials. We use energy efficient “Secondary” aluminum comprised of 95% recycled material, of which 57% is post-consumer, and 38% is post-industrial recycled material.



Recycled Material in Waste Containers & Liners

Many of our waste & recycling containers and liners are manufactured through a process called rotational molding, where plastic is “baked” into a mold. The result is a durable, long-lasting, impact-resistant, and environmentally friendly product, generating minimal waste during manufacturing. Our black rotationally molded plastic bins and liners are made from 100% recycled regrind plastic, with all colours fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.



Paints and Finishes

Non-Galvanized metal components are zinc-plated and finished with TGIC-free and UV resistant powder coated paint. Powder coated components are more resistant, lasting longer and creating less material waste. The environmental benefits of the powder coating process itself uses no solvents, finishes, or VOC’s, resulting in reduced environmental impact, with less chemicals entering the water table.



Holiday Displays and Lighting

As both a producer and direct importer of holiday display products from a very select group of manufacturers, Classic Displays has complete control over the quality products we offer. Quality fabricated products have superior longevity and produce much less waste. Wherever possible, Classic Displays recycles previously enjoyed holiday display products, including lighting components. We routinely donate used string lighting and bulbs, and recycle all metal ingredients.



Shipping & Packaging

Whenever possible, Classic Displays uses recycled skids, safely reusing shipping materials such as bubble wrap, plastic, and cardboard. We also strive to consolidate loads while maximizing load capacity to improve efficiency. Classic Displays routinely ships many products unassembled, decreasing shipping costs while minimizing the environmental impact of the shipping process.



Optimized Maintenance Programs

Classic Displays owns its own fleet of vehicles, including two hydraulic lift vehicles, two half-ton utility trucks, and one 20’ straight truck. To minimize our carbon footprint, we rent additional vehicles during our busy installation season. Our year-round maintenance programs are carefully coordinated ensuring deliveries, installations, and maintenance calls are geographically optimized to reduce travel distances whenever possible, resulting in reduced vehicular emissions.



Corporate Recycling Program

Classic Displays recycles all office and warehouse products including packaging, paper, plastics, glass, printer cartridges, and electronic waste.



Location Advantages

Classic Displays’ office, showroom, warehouse, storage facility, and production divisions are all located under one roof eliminating the requirement of travelling between multiple locations. With many of our suppliers nearby, our facility is centrally located in an expansive industrial area within a 2km driving distance of Highway 401, Canada’s busiest highway. Our centralized location and consolidated facility greatly reduces our carbon footprint.