Self Watering Planters: The Essential Planter for Your Streetscape




Now that Spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time to beautify and breathe some new life into your streets with planters!


Municipalities, property managers, and businesses alike love the colourful appearance of flowers throughout their city streets and properties, but many do not understand the total costs of such a program.  The extended water, labour, and carbon/equipment costs can add up exponentially, resulting in a horticulture program that often underperforms as the season progresses.


That’s where self watering planters come in! Self watering planters are proven to reduce labor, fuel, water usage and ongoing plant maintenance by 50-80%. All self watering units offered by Classic Displays are ready to use, with no requirement for any additional assembly. There are no separate parts, wicks or wicking materials to install. Depending on the size of your program, you could see thousands of dollars in savings every month and for many years to come!


Thanks to the superior wicking systems of self watering planters, there is no need for continuous top watering like other planters. Self watering planters self-regulate feeding based on soil conditions, taking the guesswork out of overwatering and underwatering your plants. The large built-in water reservoir greatly reduces the number of watering cycles required to keep your plantlife flourishing. Instead of watering every other day, you’ll find that watering just once a week will do!


Self watering planters also feature an internal overflow assembly, providing superior protection from overwatering while eliminating insect intrusion and potential clogging. The internal overflow assembly also eliminates unsightly holes, providing you with stylish and functional planters along your streetscape or throughout your grounds.


Wondering what to do with your planters during the colder months? Simply drain the water and leave them outside all year round! The self watering planters offered by Classic Displays are built to last, eliminating the need to remove or store them elsewhere.


Here's An Inside Look:




Ready to save thousands of dollars every year on maintaining your streetscape/property beautification projects? Browse our website or click the image below to view the large collection of self watering planters that we offer!


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